what is artificial grass made from & what is the best material for artificial grass?

This is a common question we get asked all the time.  We’ve taken this article from the ‘artificial grass’ page of the Turf King website because we thought it was useful as a part of our ‘artificial grass buyers guide’ series of blogs…

There are three materials commonly used in the manufacture of artificial grass…

  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Nylon

In most circumstances Polyethylene is the most suitable material for the manufacture of artificial grass.

here are some reasons why…

PP is a stiffer and harder material than PE and we’ve found in our own experience of buying artificial grass PP products tend to be much shinier than polyethylene.

PP is known to produce a higher static charge than PE so it will generate more static energy with the potential for static shocks.

PP is a more rigid material and is more prone to breakages and tears than PE which is more flexible.

PP is more vulnerable to be damaged by UV and heat.

PP is a cheaper material to buy as PE is a purer product.

Nylon has many properties that make it a fantastic material for artificial grass but it is the most porous material out of the three and as such it’s not recommended for use where the grass may come into contact with animals which includes most landscape applications.

a note about Polyethylene…

Polyethylene is manufactured in a variety of grades – C2, C4, C6 and C8 in which the number denominates the number of carbons in the polymer.

When it comes to artificial grass C2 and C4 are the most commonly used grades of polyethylene. We recommend either C6 and C8 grade polyethylene in products as this will provide the best material functionality whilst retaining important characteristics such as not being too stiff, shiny or soft. Combining the properties of these polymers creates products that ultimately are structured to have the best product life-cycle possible.

Despite advances in material production and processing allowing manufacturers the opportunity to use very high grade plastics very few choose to do this – most following the old “if it aint broke..” mantra.  At Turf King we pride ourselves on sourcing and selling only the very best, highest quality artificial grass products available.  We don’t do ‘lite’ or ‘budget’ products. 

A close up of an artificial grass installation in Bristol by Turf King

Artificial grass material choice will depend greatly on the intended use and location of the product.


The main product we currently recommend for residential use (TurfWorks Sensation) is manufactured from a specialist polymer mLLDPE C6 which stands for metallocene linear low density polyethylene C6 which has many of the characteristics, functionality and durability of higher grade  C8 polyethylene but forms a softer extrusion which in turn makes the grass product softer.

When choosing an artificial grass product for your project put a little time into finding out about exactly what material and material variant your potential options are manufactured from.  It will pay dividends in the long-run.

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