‘Quality means doing it right’ – Henry Ford

To make the best artificial grass – you need the best ingredients…

We know in our own experience of selling artificial grass that most buyers of artificial grass (even national landscape contractors) buy artificial grass based solely on either the price or aesthetic and tactile properties of a product with little or no thought put into the quality of the ingredients making the product.

Ingredient quality is the most fundamentally important factor in an artificial grass product’s life span and it effects everything from the way the grass stands up to it’s ability to hold its original colour for as long as possible.

For those of you who regularly read our blog you will be familiar with an analogy we have used in the past about disposable plastic cups – the sort you might get at children’s birthday parties or from office water coolers.  A good test of the quality of the plastic in the cup is to squeeze it – a low quality cup will split whereas a higher quality cup will be able to flex repeatedly without any damage to the cup.

Another analogy is to think about packaging.  If you have ever seen packaging (esp detergent bottles or similar) washed up on a beach you will be able to recall how different product packaging weathers / degrades differently from being in the sea.

a picture of rubbish washed up on a beach

Big household name brands spend a lot of money on every aspect of their packaging from the shape of bottles etc. to labels and also the quality of material that goes into making the packaging.  This is why you often see easily identifiable shaped packaging such as brand name toilet cleaners or squeeze bottles washed up on the beach that have completely held their original form and colour.  The label may have disappeared but the packaging itself will have barely broken down at all.  To contrast that budget brand product packaging is likely to be much more faded and the structure of the packaging may have started to fail.


In short – higher quality plastic performs better and breaks down slower.  In terms of artificial grass this means that products made from better quality plastic stand up better, hold their colour for longer and have better resistance against the wear and tear of every-day life.

See our previous post for more detail about the type and grade of plastic we recommend to our customers.

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Turf King is a Bristol based supplier and installer of artificial grass across the domestic, sports and education markets.  We are an independent family business dedicated to excellence in artificial grass.  Through our blog we aim to give buyers of artificial grass all the tools they need to make good purchasing decisions when buying artificial grass products and services. Follow the Turf King blog for regular updates.

Top Turfing Tip | researching quality

Ask manufacturers what their products are made from because it’s the most fundamental aspect of what makes an artificial grass product good at doing its job.  If a manufacturer or installer can’t tell you what the product they are recommending is made from – it’s most likely to be poor quality.  The extra effort and investment it takes to produce high quality products means that manufacturers have to make a conscious and expensive decision to break away from the norm and they’d be keen to promote that.  The vast majority of the polyethylene in artificial grass available in the UK is made from very low grade (usually c2 & c4) polyethylene (the same material used in poor quality cling film).  We recommend higher grade polymers such as grade c6 & c8 polyethylene as a raw ingredient.  (We recommend polyethylene over other plastics for artificial grass.)  The main product we currently recommend for residential use (TurfWorks Sensation) is manufactured from a specialist polymer mLLDPE C6 which stands for metallocene linear low density polyethylene C6 which has many of the characteristics, functionality and durability of higher grade  C8 polyethylene but forms a softer extrusion which in turn makes the grass product softer.

When deciding between artificial grass products get as many samples as you can and feel the difference between them.  The blades of grass on a low quality product can be almost see through and feel like you could stretch and break them.  A good quality product should feel more substantial, slightly stiffer and more hard wearing.  Cross-reference this with information available from the manufacturer and you will quickly be able to form an opinion on good vs bad.  Ignore manufacturer hyperbole and superfluous adjectives and focus instead on material specs, lengths, weights etc.  Just because a manufacturer calls a product ‘luxury’ or ‘Mayfair’ or similar doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good!

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