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STOP sifting through internet half-truths

and STOP listening to Derek from down the pubs’ half-baked theories on artificial grass


on some actual fact based information.  It may surprise you to hear we’re not interested in selling everyone and his dog artificial grass. We don’t fall asleep at night dreaming of a world covered in plastic carpet.  We’re not all evil plasti-chem polarbear eating climate change deniers.  But we do think there is a place, hopefully as part of a well-balanced bigger landscape scheme for good quality, locally manufactured artificial grass which can enable and encourage people to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beautiful world we all live in.

Whet your whistle?  You aint read nothing yet… sup up and come on in…

*2023 update. Please note we are updating our advice articles to align with the extra experience we’ve gained since originally writing them between 2013 and 2015.  Please check back or follow our social accounts (top left) for updates as and when they come*